"Art of Photography: Mastering Your Vision"

Welcome to the "Art of Photography: Mastering Your Vision"

This workshop, hosted by Ernesto Ribeiro, an acclaimed photographer.A comprehensive workshop is tailored for photographers of all levels who aspire to elevate their skills and creativity. Over the course of this immersive experience, you will delve into the intricate world of photography, spanning various genres from captivating portraits to the mesmerizing realm of nature photography, including the unique challenges of underwater photography.

Our curriculum is meticulously designed to cover all aspects of the photographic process. You'll learn the nuances of camera settings, ensuring you can confidently manipulate aperture, shutter speed, and ISO to capture your vision. In addition, our experts will guide you through the art of composition, teaching you how to frame your subject and use light to create depth and emotion in your images.

The workshop also includes a dedicated session on printing techniques, where you'll discover how to transform your digital images into stunning prints. This hands-on segment will cover various printing mediums and methods to preserve the quality and detail of your work.

Lastly, we'll delve into the business side of photography, providing valuable insights into marketing your photographs. Whether you aim to build a portfolio, attract clients, or sell your work, you'll learn strategies to effectively showcase your talent and reach your target audience.

Join us for this transformative journey into the world of photography, where you'll not only enhance your technical skills but also develop a deeper connection with your artistic voice.

Why Join Us?

Join us for a unique opportunity to learn from Ernesto Ribeiro, a photographer deeply involved in conservation and the rich Hawaiian culture. As a Volunteer Photographer for the Volcanoes National Park in Hawai’i, Ernesto brings a wealth of experience in capturing nature's majesty while respecting and preserving its essence. His commitment to environmental stewardship and cultural sensitivity adds an invaluable dimension to this workshop, making it a profound learning and personal growth experience.

Workshop Highlights:

1. Basics of Photography: 

Dive into the core principles that form the foundation of great photography. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned shutterbug, this session will solidify your understanding of the essentials.

2. Camera Settings Unraveled: 

Learn to navigate your camera like a pro. We'll demystify complex settings and teach you how to harness them to capture stunning images in any scenario.

3. The Art of Composition:

Discover the secrets behind compelling compositions. From rule of thirds to leading lines, this module will train your eye to spot and frame exceptional shots.

4. Mastering Exposure:

Tackle one of photography's most daunting aspects – lighting. Master techniques to shoot beautifully in harsh sunlight, low light, and everything in between.

5. Capturing Volcanoes:

Experience the thrill of volcano photography. Ernesto will share his personal experiences and tips for safely capturing these dynamic, awe-inspiring natural wonders.

6. Drone Photography:

Elevate your photography literally! Learn the basics of drone photography, including flight safety, regulations, and capturing breathtaking aerial shots.

7. The art of printing your work: 

Your journey doesn't need to end with a click. Printing your photos is a whole new skill set and fundamental if you intend to sell your work. Learn color processes, profiles, calibrated environment and preparing your photos to the lab for printing. From the camera to the wall you will know it all!

Module Pricing:

Each 2-hour module is independently priced at $199, allowing you the flexibility to choose according to your interests and goals. Whether you opt for one module or the entire series, each session promises to be a worthwhile investment in your photographic journey.

Elevate your photography with Ernesto Ribeiro, learning not just to capture images, but to tell stories through your lens.

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***Special Offer: All the modules for: $1,199***

 - Enroll in the full workshop (all seven modules) for a bundled price of $1199 – a saving of $193!

1. Basics of Photography (2 hours): $199

   - Establish your foundation in photography with essential concepts and techniques.

2. Camera Settings Unraveled (2 hours): $199

   - Master your camera’s settings to fully control and enhance your photographic expression.

3. The Art of Composition (2 hours): $199

   - Learn the art of framing and composition to create visually captivating images.

4. Conquering Challenging Lighting (2 hours): $199

   - Understand and manipulate lighting to your advantage, no matter the conditions.

5. Capturing the Fury of Volcanoes (2 hours): $199

   - Dive into the thrilling world of volcano photography, guided by Ernesto's expert insights.

6. Sky-High Perspectives: Drone Photography (2 hours): $199

   - Gain a new perspective with drone photography, learning both technical and creative aspects.

7. From Digital to Tangible: Printing Techniques (2 hours): $199

   - Bring your images to life through professional printing techniques.

***Special Offer: All the modules for: $1,199***

 - Enroll in the full workshop (all seven modules) for a bundled price of $1199 – a saving of $193!

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